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Warne Symphonic Triangles


Since 1967, Warne Symphonic Triangles have been hand-fashioned by either forge or heat treatment from traditional old world steel in true German fashion. They are found in such diverse places as the Radio Helsinki Orchestra in Finland, the Concertgebau Orchestra in Amsterdam, The Cleveland Symphony, the Florida Philharmonic, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Warne triangles are highly sought after by professional percussionists throughout the world because of their exceptional sustain and shimmer of overtones.

"The Warne Triangle is the only triangle we use to record with the Florida Phil. It has excellent overtones and produces a wide rang of sounds. The diversity in size make sound possibilities endless, I own all the sizes a total of six!"

-Keith Aleo, Florida Philharmonic, Percussion Clinician, Percussive Arts Society International Convention


"...unquestionably the best triangles I have ever seen!"

-Nigel Shipway, Percussionist for Andrew Lloyd-Webber, London England


Note: Uncoated triangles should be protected periodically by a light coating of oil and then wiped dry. I have triangles from 1967 still being played in orchestras that were treated with talcum powder and show only a gray oxidation.

All triangles are of half inch stock. Larger 12" Wagner Triangles of 5/8" stock are available by special request.

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